Sound Kit Includes

1x Dji Mic Charging Case

1x Transmitter

1x Receiver


The DJI mic is a new surprise entry into the audio market from gimbal and drone giants DJI. This mic kit is very much aimed towards content producers and influencers but we think it has enough clout to compete with other offering from Sennheiser and Rode. The kit comes in a wireless charging case, similar to Apple Airpods. The kit consists of a 2 transmitters, receiver and charging case. The receiver can accept 2 separate signals using dual channel recording, meaning you only use up just one of your camera inputs. The transmitters come with built in microphones that can be clipped directly to your talent. They also have a 3.5mm TRS socket so that you can plug in a more traditional wireless lav mic. The packs can transmit up to 250m and have 15 hours of battery life. The feature that we really love is the ability to record on board sound as well as sending a signal. The mics can store up to 14 hours of audio, giving you a fantastic backup option if you have transmission issues. DJI claim powerful anti interference capability, ensuring stable audio in busy environments. 


Sennheiser AVX MKE2

Sennheiser G4

Rode NTG3