Manfrotto Skylite Rapid 2m x 2m Butterfly Frame

Manfrotto Skylite Rapid
Kit Includes

1x Skylite Rapid Bag

1x 2m Collapsable Frame

1x White Diffusion

1x Silver/White reflector

1x Black Neg


The Manfrotto Skylite Rapid is a 2m x 2m butterfly frame. The frame can be used as diffusion, white bounce, silver bounce or black.

The Skylite Rapid is made of a lightweight collapsible aluminium frame, meaning it is easy to hang off of stands or overhead rigging. The frame is collapsible for easy transportation in a small bag that is supplied.

The Skylite rapid features a unique snap and click system which allows a quick build and tear down. The fabrics are quickly snapped on off using the connectors on the  edge of the material.

The Skylite Rapid is a perfect modifier for large beautiful soft light when either bounced or diffused, and the black can be used to block light or for negative fill.


Aputure 600D Pro

C stand

Arrisun 25/40