Arrisun 25/40 HMI Par

Arrisun 25/40 HMI
Par Kit Includes

1x Arrisun 2.5/4k Head

1X Fitted 2.5K/4k Bulb

1x Spare 2.5k/4k Bulb

1x Arri HMI Ballast

1 X Header Cable

1 x Lens kit


The 2.5k HMI is truly an industry workhorse. The Arrisun 2.5K Par is a powerful daylight balanced HMI unit capable of simulating sun through windows, or bouncing and diffusing for gorgeous soft light. The 2.5K comes with a lens kit SO that you can modify the light quality. These include a 10° spot, 11×29° narrow flood, 20×33° medium flood, 43° super wider flood and a 57° frosted superflood. The 2.5k can be ran off of 32, 16 or 13 amp power. Extension leads can be supplied with your hire on request.


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