Aputure LS 60d

Aputure 60D
Light Kit Includes

1x Aputure Bag

1x Aputure 60D Head

1x Barn Doors

1x Power Supply

1x IEC Cable

1x Dual Sony NP-F Plate

1x D tap Cable

1x Aputure 60D Sofbox

1x Bowens Mount Adapter


The Aputure 60D is the smallest cob fixture Aputure has in their Light storm line. The light is a daylight balanced and allows a 15-45 degree spot and flood beam angle. The 60D draws 60 watts of power, whilst giving the same level of output as a traditional 650 watt tungsten fresnel. The light is comparable to the Dedo led lights, but with better colour rendition and more output. The light can be powered from DC power or used with V lock or Sony NP-F batteries using the supplied adapters. The light also has barn doors to help cut light for precise lighting situations. The light is fully controllable via the sidus link app, enabling wireless dimming and various built in lighting effects. The light comes with a bowens mount adapter for additional accessories.


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