Aputure Amaran F22C

Aputure Amaran F22
Lighting kit Includes

1x Amaran Light Mat

1x Softbox

2x White Diffusion

1x 45°Grid

1x Control Box

1x Frame

1x Lighting Stand Tie Down

1x Curved Bracket A

1x Straight Bracket B

1x Header Cable

1x AC Power Adapter

1x Soft Case


The Amaran F22 C is probably the best bang for your buck RGBWW mat light. At a fraction of the cost of its competitors such as the Lite Panels Lite Mat spectrum, you get almost the same output and the same colour accuracy.

This fixture comes in a really compact storage solution and takes very little time to set up which is a must on today’s productions. Within the case, the F22 C comes with a soft box which can be fitted with either a light or dense diffusion, as well as an egg crate.

This light has a fantastic colour score of 95+ between 2000K and 6500K and a score of 94 above that proving that this light is extremely well engineered and suitable for productions of any size. In fact it has better white point accuracy them its more expensive competitors!

It has DMX output and this system runs off of a fully integrated RGBWW engine meaning that changes in the light such as brightness are extremely smooth and accurate.

The F22 has a maximum power draw of 254.9 Watts and an average of 237W at 3200K and 238W at 5600K. This gives gaffers the piece of mind when shooting scenes with a lot of fixtures.

In summery, this light is a real asset on any size of production and is incredible versatile thanks to its RGB abilities.


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