Aputure 300D

Aputure 300D
Light Kit Includes

1x Aputure 300D Head

1x Ballast

1x Controller

1x Header Cable

1x Mains Cable

1x Hyper reflector


The Aputure LS C300d is the first 300w cob light from Aputure. The LS C300d is a Chip on Board (COB) designed fixture with a 5500K color temperature that consumes only 300W of power while outputting 4451 fc of light with a standard reflector at a distance of 1.6′. In addition to power efficiency, this fixture also has a CRI rating of 95 and a TLCI rating of 96, indicating an accurate rendering of colour. The Bowens mount enables a range of accessories to be using with this fixture, including softboxes and fresnel attachments.



C stand

Aputure 300D II

Aputure 600D Pro