Aputure 1200D Pro

Aputure 1200D Lighting
kit Includes

1x Aputure 1200D Light

1x Ballast

1x Stand Clamp

1x Header Cable

1x Mains Cable

1x Protective Cap

2x Soft Case


Prelight are super excited to stock the Aputure 1200D pro! This lights 1200 watt output gives off an amazing 22,400 lux at 3 meters using their medium hyper reflector whilst using their narrow hyper reflector gives you a staggering 83,100 lux at 3 meters! This light has a max power draw of only 1440 watts, this behemoth of a light can run off a standard household circuit safely which has really raised the bar for its competitors. This power has not been at the expense of Colour accuracy. The Aputure 1200D has a CRI 96+ / TLCI 98+ rating meaning that the old stigmas of LEDs are gone for good. As well as its predecessors, this light has a Bowens mount so you have the availability to use endless variations of different modifiers, including the massive Aputure Light Dome 150. The 1200D is extremely weatherproof with an IP54 dust and water resistant rating so you can shoot worry free in undesirable weather. Unlike the previous fixtures in the LS lineup, the Aputure 1200D can’t be powered by v-lock. However it does support dual 48v/15A DC inputs so you can power your fixtures using block batteries or power stations, this allows you to take this light to anywhere regardless of the AC power options! As standard, the LS 1200D has 8 built in lighting effects: TV, pulse, lightning, explosion, paparazzi, fireworks, faulty bulb, and flash.


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