Zeiss CP.3 5 Lens Kit

Zeiss CP.3 Prime Lens
Kit Includes

1x Zeiss CP.3 Cine Primes (EF):

21mm T2.9

25mm T2.1

35mm T2.1

50mm T2.1

85mm T2.1

1x Lens Case


These Zeiss Cp.3’s are Zeiss’s answer to the need to put high quality glass onto compact setups for various use cases such as gimbal work. With optics that pair perfectly wit Zeiss Supremes, these Prime lenses are the perfect lenses for most scenarios with clean optics and amazing consistency across the whole set. Furthermore these CP.3s almost weigh exactly the same so swinging a lens whilst on a gimbal or Steadicam has never been faster. 

If you are put off the CP.3’s because you had a bad experience with Zeiss’s CP.2’s then don’t fear, Zeiss has fixed all of the common complaints in this newest generation of lens. 

Our Cp.3’s Pair perfectly with our Raptor and Arri kits and we have adapters so they can be used with our Sony kits as well.

  All the lenses in our set are fast at T2.1 except for the 21mm which has a maximum aperture of T2.9.


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Red Komodo

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