Sony 24-70 2.8 G-Master II

Sony 24-70 G Master II
lens kit Includes

1x Sony 24-70 G master II

1x Lens Case

1x Lens hood

1x Front Cap

1x Rear Cap


The Sony 24-70mm F/2.8 GM II is the latest professional level standard zoom for the Sony cine and mirrorless cameras.

The lens has various upgrades over the Mark 1 version, making this lens even better for video use. Weighing only 695 grams, this zoom lens is extremely lightweight enabling use with smaller cameras such as the Sony FX6 on the Ronin S. The lens also features an iris ring on the lens, that can be stepped or declicked via a switch. There is also an adjustable tension on the Zoom ring, something video users will appreciate. The focus ring is now linear, meaning manually pulling focus is now accurate, unlike it predecessor

Being full frame, it is the perfect kit lens to go with any of Sony’s FX lineup and is up to date with their latest focusing technology thanks to the implantation of their XD Linear motors which deliver fast and smooth racking with very little focus breathing. The 24-70 has an 11 blade iris creating beautiful round bokeh and thanks to their newly designed optics, the image is amazingly sharp and has significantly less chromatic aberration. Finally the lens stays as fast as 2.8 throughout its whole range. This lens is truly the next step in multipurpose video and photography zooms.


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