Leica Thalia Lens Set

Leica Thalia Prime Lens
Set Includes

1x 24mm T3.6 Lens

1 x 30mm T2.9 Lens

1 x 35mm T2.6 Lens

1 x 45mm T2.9 Lens

1 x 55mm T2.8 Lens

1 x 70mm T2.6 Lens

1 x100mm T2.2 Lens

1 X 135mm T2.2 Lens

1 x 180mm T 3.6 Lens


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The Leica Thalia’s are a set of high end cinema prime lenses designed for use with Large Format cameras, such as the Red V-Raptor and the Alexa Mini LF. The lenses are consistent throughout the set and have a 270 degree focus rotation. The Leica’s offer a modern looking set of lenses, but with vintage characteristics and character, that are often found with other Leica lenses. They are crisp and clear but not oversharpened. The lenses have a 15 blade iris, meaning perfectly circular and smooth bokeh throughout the whole iris range, whilst maintaining a huge amount of character in out of focus areas. The 95mm front is present throughout, and they are able to take a 92mm screw in filter on the front. The set is designed to be lightweight, tough and easy to use. Leica are at the top of their game when it comes to lenses with a classic cinematic look.


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Red V-Raptor