Leica Summicron C Prime Set

Leica Summicron C
Prime Lens Kit Includes

1x Leica Summicron C Primes

1x Lens Case

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The Leica Summicron-C’s are the more budget friendly sibling to the Summilux-C. Coming in at roughly half the price of each unit, these lenses are competing with lenses far more expensive and still producing beautiful imagery. With a max aperture of T2 throughout the Summicron they are far from slow. All lenses are compact and lightweight, all weighing in between 2.9-3.4 lbs. Expect that exceptional smooth and textures bokeh that is associated with Leica lenses, and cinematic focus roll off.
Overall, these lenses are a fantastic option for productions that want to shoot with Leicas world renowned lens technology without breaking the bank.


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