Laowa 100mm 2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO Lens

Laowa 100mm Macro
Lens Kit Includes

1x Laowa 100mm F2.8 Macro lens EF Mount

1x Lens Pouch


The Laowa 100mm Macro is a fantastic lens that allows extreme close up video and photography. The lens features apochromatic elements and surfaces that mean that it is virtually impossible to recreate the chromatic aberrations so often seen in other macros lenses, this lens is truly a class above its competitors. The 2x magnifiction means it can focus twice as close as other 100mm macro lenses. The Loawa lens covers full frame sensors and has an astonishing 2:1 magnification with no external body movement. The lens can also be used in regular portrait photography due to its ability to also focus to infinity. Expect lots of character and pleasing bokeh when used in this situation. 

The lens features an EF mount which means it can be used both natively and with adapters on various stills and video cameras. At the camera end of the lens are electronic chips that enable electronic aperture. The Loawa is a manual focusing lens, which given its use case means you won’t be tempted to rely on autofocus in a macro shooting situation. This lens allows the capture of amazing situations that cannot be seen with the human eye.  


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