DZO Film Pictor Zoom Lens Set

DZO Film Lens
Kit Includes

1x 20-55MM T2.8 EF & PL

1x 50-125MM T2.8 EF & PL

1x Hard Case with Custom cut foam


The DZO Film Pictor zoom are a fantastic set of lenses at a fantastic price. These lightweight zooms are both compact and fast with a 2.8 aperture throughout. 

The Pictors are reminiscent of sought after vintage lenses. When wide open expect unique and beautiful characteristics, with extremely creamy bokeh thanks to the 16 blade design. Close the lens to T4 and expect these characteristics to clean up leaving you with a solid sharp lens set with a decent range. 

– T2.8 Iris

– Geared iris, focus and zoom

– Parfocal design

– Swappable EF or PL mount


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