Canon 70-200L RF 2.8

Canon 70-200 RF Lens
Kit Includes

1x Canon RF 70-200 Lens

1x Lens Pouch


The 70-200mm RF is Canon’s newest telephoto option providing a major update to its EF counterpart. This lens is smaller and just 70% of the EF versions weight making is more ergonomic and easier to transport. Despite it being an extremely long lens, the inbuilt stabilisation works fantastically with the ability to switch between three different modes. Furthermore this lens provides snappy and smooth autofocus thanks to the Nano USM motors. With a 70cm minimum focus, this lens can really produce great macro shots and thanks to the tripod mount built onto the casing, you can keep it all stable. There is a customisable control ring which allows the user to assign a function to it which is very helpful when you are in an uncontrollable location. The 77mm filter thread allows for easy swapping of screw-on filters.


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