Arri Signature Primes

Arri Signature Prime Lens
Kit Includes

1x Arri Signature Primes

1x Lens Case

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Arri Signature primes need no introduction. Arri’s mission of perfection really shines through with these lenses, and a lot of engineering has gone into them to the most cinematic feeling. All of Arri’s Signature primes are incredibly fast with minimal chromatic operation and ultra smooth bokeh, meaning mean that you will never be distracted from what’s important in the shot. They have the same look throughout all of their T-stops that other manufacturers struggle to get close to, and the flaring is extremely controlled. The lenses have been designed not to produce an over-sharpened picture and not compromise on detail. Unlike most lenses, Signature primes stay bright even in close ups allowing you to capture even more detail and protect you images from unwanted noise, and the lens markers glow to ensure that your AC’s can measure focal distances even on darker sets.


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