Rhino Arc II Motorised Slider

Rhino Arc II
Slider kit Includes

1x 42″ Rails

1x 24″ Carbon Rails

1x Rhino Arc 2 Brain

1x Rhino Focus V2

1x Rhino Motor High Torque

2x Rhino Motor High Speed V2

1x Power Cable

5x Ethernet Cables

1x 15mm Rod

2x Slider Soft Case

1x Pelican Case


The Rhino Arc V2 ultimate kit is a great choice for adding automated movement to your shots using small payloads. With a maximum weight capacity of 15lbs, this slider comfortably holds cameras like the Red Komodo and Sony FX6 with ease. This slider is capable of shooting timelapses, repeat motions of any speed, and can pan, tilt, track, and pull focus for you meaning you can focus on perfecting the other parts of your scene after setup. The head has an intuitive interface allowing for quick setup and configuration and there is a minimal setup making it easy to plug and play. This kit has a very small footprint consisting of the slider rails bag and an electronics case which increases portability so you don’t have to compromise on kit choice in order to bring it. To sum up, the Rhino Arc V2 Ultimate kit is the perfect slider for payloads under 15lbs as it has all the usability and functionality that you will need to keep on schedule and capture amazing footage. Triple riser Our Triple risers are fantastic for holding heavy fixtures at hight giving users much more flexibility for light placement. These are significantly safer than C-stands and have a max height of 4.5 meters. They Can hold lights with large pins or there is a spring loaded baby pin for smaller fixtures. The RS3 comes in a compact case keeping your footprint down and easy for storage, this is ideal when traveling and working in remote locations. To sum up, the DJI RS3 is a fantastic gimbal which is easy to use, transportable, and full of functionality. This little powerhouse can carry most compact packages with ease and gives you more creative freedom at a lower cost.


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