Freefly Movi M15

Freefly Movi
Grip Kit Includes

1 x Freefly Movi M15 Stabiliser with Stand

4 x Freefly Movi M15 Batteries with Charger

1 x Android Tablet & Movi Software

1x Remote Control


Freefly Movi M15 Cinema Ready Stabiliser. The M15 was designed for the most demanding cinema packages out there with no compromise made with the custom design.

From Red raptor to Sony FS7 , the MōVI M15 allows you to run with your preferred setup.

Freeflys Movi M15 is Extremely lightweight, carbon fiber build amounting to just under 5.5lbs.

The Movi M15 includes three different operational shooting modes. Standard mode, Top handle mode & Inverted mode for shooting at eye level.

The Movi M15 kit includes a remote control for a three man operational set up.

The Freefly Movi M15 has a quick release, ‘Toad in the hole’ mechanism, allowing the gimbal to be detached from it’s handle bars in seconds and mounted to a range of other devices.


Red V Raptor

Tilta Nucleus M

DJI Ronin M