DJI Ronin RS2 Pro Combo

Grip Kit Includes

1x DJI Ronin S2 Body

1x Ronin Rubber Handle Cover

1x Focus Motor

1x Raveneye Wireless Transmitter

1x 3D Focus Lidar Sensor

1 X Focus Gear

1x USB A – USB C Cable

1x Focus Motor Rod

1X L bracket

1x Spare Camera Plate

1x Ronin Battery

1x Phone holder and adapter

1x Ronin plate with camera plate

1X Mini Tripod

1x Extending Grip

5x USB C – USB C Cables

2x USB C – Micro USB Cable

1x USB C – Mini USB Cable

1x HDMI – Mini HDMI

1x Mini HDMI – Mini HDMI

1x Mini HDMI – Micro HDMI


The DJI Ronin RS2 is by far the most feature packed 3 axis pistol grip gimbal on the market. With a large payload capacity and extremely strong motors the gimbal can take almost anything thrown at it. The RS2 is a perfect companion for our Red Komodo and our Fuji cameras. The Pro Combo also includes a focus motor that allows for focus control with a finger wheel at the front of the gimbal. Alternatively pair it with the 3D focus Lidar system to get autofocus on any lens, including vintage manual lenses. The kit also comes with the Raveneye wireless transmitter. You can use this to transmit a camera feed to your mobile device attached to the gimbal, and other phone and tablet devices. This also enables the activetrack system. Draw a square around the subject you want to track, and the gimbal will auto track the subject as it moves.

– LCD Touchscreen to control gimbal

– 12 Hour Battery

– Carbon Fibre construction

– Focus motor for focus control on gimbal

– Raveneye Transmitter

– 3D Lidar focus autofocus system


Red Komodo

Leica R Primes

Tilta Nucleus M