Sony FX9

Sony FX9
Camera Kit Includes

1x Sony FX9 Camera Body

1x Sony Viewfinder 

1x Camera bag

Memory Cards



The Sony FX9 is the largest and most feature packed cinema camera offered by Sony in their new FX line up. These new offerings are not just an update to Sony’s older lineups but are seriously improved and upgraded, packed with features that the average camera operator could only dream of in a camera body. Firstly the FX9 boasts a full frame 6K sensor which gets downsampled to 4k for less noise and cleaner images. With 15 stops of dynamic range and a max frame rate of 180 in 2K and 60fps in higher resolutions, this camera is suited to most types of shooting and even has features suited to broadcast. Unlike the FX6, the FX9 has dual XLR slots on the body so you don’t lose out on audio capabilities when you take the top handle off giving you the perfect camera straight out of the box. Moreover, the FX9 shares the same colour science as the Sony Venice making this body either making this camera the perfect B-cam to the Venice on high end film work or an amazing A-cam on standard shoots. Overall, This powerhouse is the sum of everything Sony has developed in the film industry and can be used of every shoot from high end film work, Corporate, comercial, and broadcast.


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