Red V-Raptor

Red V-Raptor Camera kit Includes

1x RED V-Raptor Brain RF Mount

1x Red DSMC3 Monitor

1x Kippertie RF to EF or PL Adapta

1x Top Handle

1x Red Dovetail Baseplate

1x Zacuto Axis Mini

2x Angelbird 2tb Cf express cards in case

1x Red Cfast Reader and 2x USB Cable

4x Micro V lock Batteries

2 x V lock Dual Charger

1x AC Power Cable

1x Timecode Mini Jack Cable

1x AC to Dtap Cable

1 x Xlr to Lemo adapter



The RED V-Raptor is Reds latest flagship camera system. The camera boasts a large vista-vision 8K sensor with high frame rates at every resolution. Take advantage of the Raptors 17+ stops of dynamic range thanks to Reds DSMC3 technology. In addition to the increase in resolution and dynamic range, utilise Reds 16 Bit Raw R3D/Apple ProRes Codecs in order to give your footage the ability to grade exactly how you imagined and do justice to the creative vision that was intended.

The camera borrows design elements from the Red Komodo, keeping the size of the body down to make it modular and easy to use. The camera is so small it can be rigged to a DJI Ronin S. The Raptor comes with a native RF mount, and comes supplied with an EF or PL lens mount on request.

In summary, the V-raptor 8K is Red’s most advanced camera and yields specs well above its competitors. The DSMC3 line up is truly future proofed for the next generation of filmmaking.

– 8192×4320 Effective pixels 8K Resolution
– 8K 120p – 6K 160p – 5K 192p- 4K 240p 2k 480p
– 16 Bit Raw R3D Raw/Apple ProRes Codecs
– 12g 4K SDI Output
– Autofocus with RF and EF Lenses
– Integrated Audio with Phantom power and Timecode


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DJI Ronin S2