Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless

Canon R5 Mirrorless
Camera kit Includes

1x Canon R5 Body


Memory Cards

Battery Charger


The Canon R5 is the more photo orientated sibling to the R5C. With its 45 megapixel, full frame sensor, the images that come out of it are fantastic and incredibly detailed. Even though this body is aimed at photographers, it can still shoot in 8K with 11 stops of dynamic range which is very impressive for a camera this size and price. Its native RF mount means you can take advantage of Canon’s newest, and best lenses which means you can shoot with the best quality glass to go with such a high quality body.
In summary, the Canon R5 is a great option for photographers who are looking for a high quality photography body which is also capable of shooting fantastic quality videos.


Canon RF 15-35

Canon RF 24-70

Canon RF 70-200