Raptor Bundle

Raptor Bundle
kit Includes

1x Red V-Raptor Camera

1x Leica R Lens Set (24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 90mm 135mm)

1 x Bright Tangerine Mattebox

1x Straight ND Filter Set

1x Tilta Follow Focus


The Raptor bundle has been designed to give the end user a basic shooting kit that will save them money. By choosing one of the Prelight hire bundle kits, you are saving approximately 15% compared to if you were to hire the items separately.

The Raptor kit consists of the camera itself, a set of Leica R Lenses, a Tilta Follow Focus, a Bright Tangerine Mattebox and a straight ND filter set.

The Leica lenses are a fantastic blend of vintage characteristics and bokeh, whilst producing modern day sharpness without feeling clinical. The lenses take the edge off of the high resolution sensor of the Raptor. They do this without not looking soft and mushy like some other vintage lenses that you find. This makes them a fantastic pairing.

Throw in the super lightweight Bright Tangerine Misfit Mattebox. Help to control unwanted flares with the flags provided, and a set or either 4×4 or 4×4.56 ND filters will allow  control of exposure whilst maintaining the desired depth of field.