Hollyland Cosmo 400

Hollyland Wireless
Kit Includes

1x Hollyland Cosmo Transmitter

1x Hollyland Cosmo Reciever

2x Dtap Power Cables

2x HDMI Cables

2x Sdi Cables

Optional Sony batteries


The Hollyland Cosmo is a wireless video system designed to keep video signal setup cable free. This Cosmo 400 is rated at 400ft of wireless signal, but in testing far exceeds both that distance, and competition from similarly priced systems from Teradek. We love how easy these are to set up, and enjoy the fact that you turn them on and they connect. No need to pair or bind the systems, together, just pick a channel on both units and it connects.



Sony FS7

Swit 21.5 Inch Monitor

Red V Raptor