Cuescript Autocue Teleprompter

Swit Monitor
Kit Includes

1x Cuescript Autocue

1x Apple iPad Air

1x VCT Plate

1x 3m lightning Cable

1x Bluetooth Keyboard


The cuescript is a premium Ipad autocue system that allows the on screen talent to view a script, whilst maintaining an eye line into the lens. The cuescript is simple to set up, lightweight and extremely strong. Unlike other Ipad systems, the cuescript allows for a range of camera sizes, and features a quick release camera sliding system in order to balance teleprompter on your tripod system. The Ipad holder, is fully adjustable, as is the glass panel, insuring maximum compatibility. The cuescript comes with a bluetooth keyboard that allows for quick script manipulation, and control of the autocue’s speed settings.



Sony FS7

Swit 21.5 Inch Monitor

DZO Pictor Zoom